National Immunisation Awareness Month

August is National Immunisation Awareness Month. This is an annual event to highlight the importance of vaccination for people of all ages!
KGP is able to provide all immunisations as recommended by the National Immunisation Program. For a copy of the schedule or to see what immunisations are available for you discuss with your Doctor,

Private Meningococcal vaccines available at KGP.

Please make an appointment with your Doctor if you would like to discuss having the vaccination.

Meningococcal disease is a serious, often fatal illness

  • Up to 10% of people with meningococcal disease die, even with rapid treatment.
  • It can affect anyone, but is more common in children under 5,

When was your last mammogram or breast check?

Our doctors can provide a full range of women’s health service including;

*Pap smears
*STI screening
*Breast checks
*Pregnancy care
*Fertility advice
*Menopause management
*Bladder problems

For more information about mammograms, speak to your GP or see the cancer council link below.

National Cancer Screening Register

Are you aware of the Australian Government’s National Cancer Screening Register?

The register is aimed at all Australian’s who are eligible for the FREE Bowel Cancer or Cervical Cancer screening program. Invitations and reminders to participate in these screening programs are linked to your Medicare record, so it’s important to ensure your Medicare details are kept up to date.