Dr Charters on Leave

Dr Charters is currently on leave and will return on 28th May.

If you need an appointment, our other Doctors are more than happy to assist you and have full access to your medical records. 

World asthma day

7 May was  world asthma day.

Visit your Doctor for an Asthma review to assess your current level of asthma control, make sure you are on the right medicines to manage your asthma (e.g. a preventer), check your inhaler technique, ensure your Asthma Action Plan is up-to-date so you can recognise and manage worsening asthma symptoms and when to seek emergency care &

Low Stock – Free flu vaccines for over 65’s

Our supply of Free Flu Vaccines for over 65year olds is in short supply pending our next delivery. 

We are currently booking flu vaccine clinics after 3rd May to help control appointments and maintain & manage stock control.

Please call us on 43652983 to secure your spot in one of our clinic times so stock can be allocated when it arrives.

Private Flu Vaccines now available

Private Flu Vaccines now available. $15 each.
These are for anyone NOT eligible for the FREE Government provided vaccine.
Please note, the ideal time to get vaccinated is around late May/June to ensure protection is provided throughout peak flu season.
The FREE vaccine is scheduled to arrive mid April.

Are your details up to date?

Q. Why does the Practice always ask me to confirm my details?

A. To correctly identify the patient to their clinical information and to be sure we hold your most up to date contact details so we can contact you with results etc. We also need up to date emergency contact details in case of an emergency.