Our practice has a Privacy Policy and this is designed to explain the procedures we have in place to maintain the security of all information held by us and to inform you of the recent changes to the law that now allows patients a general right of access to their information.

Privacy provisions in place at the surgery preclude our reception staff accessing confidential doctor/patient records and as such we can only advise you of the computer notation made by the doctor regarding results.  If you require any further information about test results, or if your symptoms are persisting, we suggest you make a further appointment with your doctor.  Doctors can approve printouts of your results can be made available on request from reception.

For Our Patients

Information about E-mail Communication And Our E-mail Policies

You may have asked to communicate with our office via email. To do so with safety and confidence, you must understand and agree to our guidelines. Please read the following information about e-mail communication and our e-mail policies. If you have any questions about what you read, please ask us or a member of our staff.

Following this information is an agreement that will protect your well-being and your confidentiality. If you understand our email policies and agree to adhere to them, please sign and date the form below. We will give you a copy to take home. If, at any time, you wish to discontinue email communication with this office, please submit your request in writing to us or a member of our staff. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Please be aware that email communication is not a substitute for a face-to-face encounter with a physician.
  • It is our practice to make every effort to protect your confidential information in all communication. [For Example: Technology such as a firewall, secure network, encryption, automatic logout, password protection, need-to-know access, etc.]
  • We acknowledge, however, that no email is 100% secure. Even the most carefully protected messages are stored on a computer’s hard drive. Though it is unlikely, this information could be retrievable. We cannot guarantee against unknown privacy violations such as unauthorised access achieved by illegal activity.
  • We ask you to limit your email communication with us: e.g. to ask routine, non-urgent questions; All email communication will be printed out and a hard copy will be filed in your medical chart.
  • We will try to respond to email messages within 24 hours. However, there is no way to guarantee that this will occur, for a variety of legitimate reasons. [Examples: misaddressed email, server down, electric power failure, etc.] If you do not get a response from this office within 24 hours, it is up to you to contact us by telephone, mail, fax, or in person.
  • We do not accept medication refill request by email unless the request was preceded by a recent exam in the office. Even then, good medical practice may mean that it is necessary for you to be seen before we can refill your medication.
  • We will do our best to avoid technical problems. However, if a computer virus infiltrates our system, we cannot guarantee that we could prevent it from inadvertently passing to your computer.
  • If we are out of the office or if we are with other patients, the Practice Manager will print out email messages for us, at our direction, and may respond to you on our behalf.
  • If you fail to adhere to our email policies, we will discontinue our communication with you via email.

Please download and print the agreement at this link – Karalta email agreement